Benefits of a Winter Vacation

Why Have a Winter Vacation?

Most people plan a luxury cabin vacation for the warmer seasons. In this article, we will look at why you may be missing out by not thinking of taking a winter vacation and enjoying the season-specific events. 

Things to Do During a Winter Vacation

Some of the things you can enjoy during a winter vacation include:

  • Winter sports
  • Winter carnivals
  • Outdoor Adventures

Winter Sports

luxury cabinWinter sports is one of the biggest reasons people plan a winter/snow based vacation. With the variety available, there is sure to be a sport/activity that appeals to you, and might actually make you hope for the snow! Some winter sports ideas may include:

  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Skating
  • Snowshoeing
  • Fat Biking
  • Sledding
  • Hockey

Most luxury cabin rentals will provide you with the needed equipment for these activities. Be sure to request them ahead of time, and ask if there are any trail maps or local areas that you are able to use.

Winter Carnivals

There are some amazing national and local carnivals in the winter, such as the Bonhomme de Neige festival, Winterlude, or Igloofest. Most towns and areas have their own version of these festivals, and events include everything from snow sculptures to maple syrup sampling. There are usually winter petting zoos as well, and provides a great opportunity for kids to see reindeers up close! 

Be sure to look into winter carnivals in the area when you are planning your vacation, but keep in mind that the cost may be a little higher and availability a little lower, during the time the festival is on.

Outdoor Adventures

Life and nature continue on, even while it is cold. A lot of people do not get to see or enjoy the variety of outdoor adventures available in the winter, so if you are planning a luxury cabin vacation for this season, be sure to look into what’s available.  Some ideas are:

Meteor Shower: Being in nature, away from the lights, makes meteor showers exceptional, and the calmness of the snow adds another dimension altogether. If you are in the right part of the world, you may get the added bonus of the Northern Lights!

Skidoo exploration: Use a Skidoo to explore the beautiful winter scenery. Be sure to bundle up though, as the wind can get very cold!

See the Polar Bears: Certain parts of Canada offer polar bear tours, where you can see the beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Early winter is usually the best time for viewing, so be sure to bring your camera!

Outdoor Spa/ HotSprings:: There is something particularly relaxing about an outdoor spa and hot springs in the winter. The mix of cool air and warm water will help you relax, and it won’t be as densely populated as it would be during peak season hours

Winter Camping: If you are already a camper, this may be the way to take it to a new level. Winter camping can be intense, and requires a lot of planning to ensure safety. If this is something you would like to do, be sure to speak to some experts before heading out.


Winter vacations can be amazing, and can offer up experiences you may not have known existed. Be sure to look into what is available locally, and bring warm mittens!