Qualities A Strata Manager Must Possess


Profession of strata property management requires dealing with government officials, taking care of all the prevalent laws, rules and regulations and making necessary compliance and reporting. Any deviation with respect to such rules and regulations result in serious repercussions including penalty and fines as well. What matters is that a property manager must be enough experienced and has exposure of a number of problems such that he is able to deal with any situation confidently.

Problem Solving

Laws, rules and regulations relating to strata title holding in a country like Australia are complex and rapidly changing. A layman is far from understanding these laws. This often leads to a number of problems and the strata manager must be prepared to give timely solution to each one of it. Conflicts may arise among owners corporation as well which needs to be handled effectively by strata manager.

Impressive Interpersonal Skills

A strata manager has to deal with numerous govt officials, bureaucrats and clients in their daily job. Any chance of miscommunication leads to loss of client and invitation to unexpected troubles. He should essentially be extrovert with sound communication skills to effectively deal with the people and leave no mark for any kind of ambiguity in communication.

Sound Knowledge of law and Compliance

Of course, the profession of srata management services sydney require dealing with prevailing strata laws and regulations. There are a number of compliance requirements as well. A strata manager must keep himself updated about latest laws, rules, regulations as well as by laws of the property.

Reputation and Reliability

Reputation is the prerequisite of every legal profession. It comes from word of mouth by all those people who have been served by the professional. A good reputation ensures reliability and thus clients are going to keep long term relationships with the professional irrespective of the frees.


Complexities in law and numerous compliances necessitate a strata manager to keep adequate documentation on all aspects