Tips To Help You Set Up A Thai Restaurant

Are you impatient to become the best "tom yang goong" in town? Thai cuisine is delicate, a Thai restaurant is like a rose petal. One small move and it could prove fatal. Have a look at these tips to help you set up your Thai restaurant.


Know The Cuisine

"Duh!"  is what you probably said but listen cooking a mean pad Thai does not mean you know your Thai. Thai cuisine is all about delicacy, balance and all of the stuff home cooks are not good at. If you're thinking of cooking and supervising yourself take some time out to research and practice your knowledge of the cuisine. Do this even if you're thinking of hiring the cooks because if you don't appreciate your Thai who will?

Know The Competition

There are several restaurants and every Thai restaurant in Melbourne cbd is keeping customers coming to yours. Do your homework; find out why people flock to the Thai place near the block? You need to counter what your competition is throwing out. Give people a reason to choose your restaurant over them.

Risking New Dishes

In this day, everyone wants something new for their Instagram page. If the old Tom Yum isn't giving people the same feelings anymore bring out the dusty recipe book and experiment. A good restaurant always has variety and in this day of competition needs to be offering something new consistently to keep people interested.

We think these are thoughts you should be having if you're planning on going full Thai. Happy Cooking.