A Brief Introduction To Granny Flats

Have you heard before about granny Flats? If not then you are certainly at the right place, continue to read this article and get aware of these amazing flats.

Granny flats are better recognized as secondary flats or even mother-in-law houses, as they are basically small apartment which are attached to the primary house. 

They are even considered as “granny suite" or "in-law suite" or "accessory apartment". 

The term “Granny flat” is normally used in both Australia and Britain. These apartments or flats are invented to accommodate aged relatives who are unable to manage their living on their own and their family doesn't want them anymore.

Besides, themselves they do not want to go to an old age home or a retirement facility. You can look for granny flats QLD designs and blue prints online to get an overview about how they are built near or with the main house.

These flat can be entirely sovereign from the main house or in certain cases might have a connecting door from the inside for easy access. 

But usually granny flats have a detached entrance, kitchen, bathroom and even the living area totally separate from the primary house plans. Normally, they are located above the garage or at the back of the house.

These flats offer the feeling of being in your own house and not left alone in the whole world. 

Aged people can live their own way.

In fact according to the surveys, these flats are much appreciated by the elderly than the old age home. SO…You can also give a try to these granny flats, if planning to accommodate one of your elderly relative.

Hope you find this article helpful.